Thursday, July 27, 2006

relational balance

Today I read and expanded on an article from Gary Smalley. I found it refreshing and helpful.

Three Components of Relational Balance

Are you spread thin relationally? Too many people pulling you in too many directions?

There are three main components to maintaining a relational balance in your life. Neglect or overlook any of the three and you'll soon be heading for trouble.

Receiving. To stay healthy, you have to receive from others. You need the help and assistance of others. To practice good self-care, you must learn to let the love of others penetrate. So many of us never allow anyone in. Let people encourage you. Ask for people to pray for you and listen to them pray, it will do your heart good.

Attending. Good self-care means that you must learn to attend to your own legitimate needs. That means that you have to understand what your emotions are telling you about your circumstances. Remember, your feelings provide information essential for effective self-care.

All of these sources—signals from the body, mind, and heart—provide helpful information that can guide and direct your self-care process. Rest, nutrition, exercise, and spiritual inspiration are critical in order to maintain healthy relationships.

Giving. You stop self-care from degenerating into selfishness. Why? Because you realize that you take care of yourself so that you have something to give to others. Selfishness kills. You cannot make yourself happy any way.

Let me say it as strongly as possible: there's no way that you can really take care of yourself without truly giving and serving others. If you're not giving—if you're focused only on receiving—then you're working against your own best interests.

If we pay attention to these areas, we can maintain relational balance and enjoy people instead of being annoyed by them.


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