Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Self- Medicate

Well, I have spent the last four days on my couch with the flu. I feel like I've been wasting away over here in never-never land. Each day I have waited as long as possible before I take my cold and flu medicine. I don't like living in that "altered state" all day long. Although I do like relief from the symptoms, the trade off just isn't worth it to be medicated all day so I wait till evening before I dose up. I am glad to finally be feeling a little better.

While most don't have a virus attacking them, they do have other forms of attack on their lives causing them stress, anxiety and pain. And many will turn to some form of medication (whether self or prescribed) to help them cope with the pain. The problem is that medication usually deals with symptoms not causes. While I may feel better, I am not. At some point, I must face the real cause of my pain. A good doctor will discover and deal with the source of the problem and not just medicate the pain. I must learn the lessons and make the necessary changes to become healthy.

"Jesus' role as "physician" and healer is so pervasive in his biographies and so essential to His mission that he cannot be understood apart from it. The crowds seemed instinctively to see Jesus as a "physician." It's a title he clearly deserves. One has only to skim through the biographies of Jesus to note the remarkable attention he gave to healing. He was a physician, a healer whose time was consumed with encounters with people who were sick, blind, lame, deaf, leprous, paralyzed or mentally ill." Dr. Donald Senior-President of Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.

Jesus continues to practice medicine today. For those who would turn to Him in faith, He responds with healing power. But for many of us, feeling better quick is more important than seeking Him and knowing Him better so we self-medicate with our various quick fixes and anesthetics. TV, alcohol, food, sexual experiences, entertainment, and the like only mask or numb our symptoms. Let us remember that He will not only deal with our pain, but He will deal with its source. Sometimes Jesus walks us through painful discoveries as part of the process. I think this is why we may find it difficult to turn to Him. It is easier to go to our own meds. We can instantly feel better, but we are not. Jesus can give me strength to face life the way it is. I do not need the "altered state" to cope.

May you invite Jesus into your place of anxiety or pain today.
May you put faith in Him to make it better.
May He not only heal you, but also make you whole.

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