Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stubborn about my Joy!

“But whether or not their motives are pure, the fact remains that the message about Christ is being preached, so I rejoice. And I will continue to rejoice.” Phil. 1:18

When I look around in my life, I can see many things. My field of vision is broad, but my focus is narrow. I choose what to focus on. Yes there are plenty of things to distract my view and some times even obstruct it. But I can always reposition myself and fix my gaze where I choose.

In reading Philippians today I noticed the maintaining Joy is often a choice of focus. Paul had a focus on preaching Christ and making Him known. He could look around and focus on a lot of things. Many of them going in what most would think was a negative direction. But he disciplined his thought life and chose to see the best thing-Christ was being preached.

Paul seemed a little stubborn at times. You can follow his story and see where that was a negative trait at times. But you can also learn something very valuable from his stubborness. I am learning that I have to be stubborn about my joy. I cannot let circumstances, pettiness of others, or uncertainty about the future to steal from me my joy. I can stubbornly choose to focus on Jesus and the good things He provides in the now. I can count my blessing or rehearse my dissappointments. The choice is mine.

So today I choose to have Joy. AND I will continue to choose Joy!

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