Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Day three...

Ok so today is day three. I actually feel pretty good today. I had a rough afternoon yesterday, but a pretty good evening. I think the gatherings in the evening for prayer really help. I'm seeking to come to a greater place of surrender and be filled once again with God's Spirit. I am desiring a personal revival of sorts. I guess it all boils down to me being sick of me and wanting to be more like Jesus. Jesus fasted and prayed a lot. I don't claim to know exactly what to expect from this fast, but one thing I know-I want my spirit to rule over my flesh and this fast is certainly putting my sinful nature to death. As for closeness to God, I hope to experience more of that today. I'm going to press in harder todayand into the night.

Don't miss tonight as we gather @ 6:00 for the end of our fast. We are seeking God tonight for financial blessing on the people of our church. If you have financial need come tonight for prayer. Bring food for yourself and another as we will share a meal together.


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