Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Holy discontent?

I have been thinking a lot about my contentment level. I even recently brought a weekend talk called "Want what you have" which was all about happiness as a result of appreciating what you currently have and not always craving more.

But are there areas of my life that I am not supposed to be content with? Am I supposed to be content with my current level of growth? The fulfillment of my potential? Fruit of God's Spirit displayed in my life?

Bill Hybles writes about what he calls "Holy Discontent". This is the condition from which vision for something new and better for our lives arises. Could it be that there is much that we should not be content with. The world around us is waiting to be changed, the Kingdom of God is ready to be advanced, and people are needing to be shown the hope of the Gospel. If I become to content with my current situation I may not become a catylist for change.

I am to be content with what God provides for me yes, but I am not to be content with the condition of the world around me. May we have a holy discontent that produces holy vision for the difference that we can make in this life and in the lives of others.


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