Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today is dedicated to the Lord

Today we practice unity by devoting the entire day to Him. We fast and pray until tonight. We gather at 6:30 for prayer and heart-felt worship unto God. I am looking forward to seeing you. Is anybody hungry yet? Jesus said that peaople are blessed when they hunger and thirst for God...they shall be filled. May you be filled with His Holy Spirit all day today and may tonight be a time of refreshing and renewal for all of us as we learn even more what it means to seek God together. Bring some food too!!!!!!!!!!


Sambi Katano said...

Unlike many midweek meetings which begins big and dwindles over time, gathering for prayer at NCC has always been starting smaller and growing over time.

I pray that more and more people come and realize that God is about to do something big, and as a follower of Jesus, you don't want to miss out on this.

Lynnie said...

I don't want to miss out, either!


Michelle said...

Prayer meetings at NCC are always amazing! I truly cannot wait! Such a wonderful time of togetherness and unity for one common purpose, to unite together and meet with God.