Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hell helps me...

Jesus spoke of heaven as a real place. "I go and prepare a place for you" (John 14:3).
Jesus also spoke of hell as a real place. In fact, he spoke of hell more than any other teacher or prophet in the Bible. He told the story about the unrepentant rich man who wanted a drop of water to cool his tongue and asked that his brothers be warned "lest they also come to this place of torment" (Luke 16:28). He wanted us to know about hell.

Jesus' teaching about the reality of hell helps me:

1) To reflect about the authenticity of my own faith.
2) It provides additional motive for me to share my faith.
3) It reminds me that in the end all injustice will be dealt with.

It may be difficult to "feel" that the neighbor across the street (who is "such a nice guy") is really destined to a Christless eternity - but so it is - unless there is real genuine repentance and a clear embracing of Jesus Christ. (John 3:36; Romans 5:9; 1 John 5:12). Friends - are you warning of the wrath to come? There is a bridge out down the road. Are you keeping quiet?

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