Friday, June 23, 2006

Clearing up the confusion

When we look around in our world today, we see a landscape quite different than the original design that God intended. Wars, violent crime, disease, corruption, etc. How did we get here? One man did not fulfill his role. Adam.

When a man chooses to be passive and irresponsible, women are left to be the primary leaders and decision makers. While women certainly are intelligent and able to provide leadership, that is not their primary design for society as a whole--men were designed to lead.

Men are the bearers of destiny. As men go, so goes society. A close reading of Genesis 2-3 shows that man was created by God with a unique social and spiritual leadership in mind. Defection from this leadership spells trouble for all of us.

Manhood is in a state of confusion. Roles and models are constantly shifting and even switching. We now have for ourselves a new model of manhood emerging-the “Metrosexual” (met.roh.SEK.shoo.ul) n. An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. You might think he is gay, but he is not. He is metrosexual. Like I said, manhood is in a state of confusion. While we do not need stereotypes, we do need some sure foundation to stand on to help us define our own masculinity and clear up some of the confusion.

Confused men create major problems. The overwhelming majority of crime and other societal ills are the result of men searching for something. They end up finding the wrong things in the wrong places at the wrong times. Deep wounds are taking place in the masculine soul as a result. Most men never receive healing and continually medicate their pain. A viscious cycle is tearing through the heart of the American male.

Confused men settle for less. They do not take their place in the world. They watch TV. Many have no compelling vision for their lives beyond the acquisition of things, sexual prowess and recreation. Families suffer because men are suffering. Young men have no rites of passage and thus struggle to receive their own manhood. Many remain grown boys who marry their mommies.

We don’t want to just curse the darkness. We want to light a candle. What we are seeking to do is change this for our men. We desire to give men a clear definition of manhood. To help them make some significant personal discoveries about themselves. To give them some good friends for the journey and help them receive a vision for their lives as well as devise a plan to achieve it.

Join us this weekend as we continue “You’ve Got Male”. Don’t forget that our midweek men’s gatherings start next week as well. Wednesday or Thursday at 6:30-meal provided.


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