Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obey before the pain

Today I spent time contemplating Psalm 119. David wrote this Psalm later in life after he felt the pain and destruction of his disobedience to commandments #6 (kill), #7 (Adultery). He turned his heart to fully obey the Lord's commandments. It is striking just how focused and clear he became on the issue of obedience-it was his whole-hearted desire to follow God's law. He viewed as a means of protection, fulfillment and joy. It was not a heavy wieght around his neck holding him down. Instead obeying God's command was a way to lift his spirit and lighten his burdens.

Unfortunately, it was not until he felt to acute pain of his disobedience that he had his moment of clarity. I want to obey before the pain. How about you?

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