Tuesday, November 14, 2006

good news

Today as I pray for you, I am praying that the story of your life will be “Gospel”. I am asking God to give us all the desire to be so much more than “believers” but incarnations of Jesus life here in Las Vegas. Our mission is to “Good News” our city. Are you good news to others?

Michelle and I came here to Vegas with a vision-that vision has been tested and refined over and over again. I could give a bullet list of accomplishments spanning over the last 8 ½ years but how much of it matters? In the end, how will it all be evaluated by the Lord?

The vision we received is about a community-a new community where people of all kinds would come together and listen to Jesus. He would then take our broken lives and do His thing-“restore”. Restoration is God’s intention for everything--me, us, others, and all of created order.

I am amazed at just how little I really knew about what I was doing when we first started. I am thankful to God that He would work with me like that.

Our church and achievement of its mission in the world is not ready to be judged. The real measurable results of NCC will not be obvious until 15-20 years from now. The question that haunts me now is not, ‘Do people enjoy our services?’ but ‘Are we becoming like Jesus?’ Is there any real spiritual formation happening? That is what I am asking myself. I know that there is, but is there enough collectively happening to “good news” our city. I believe the real Jesus in us is very attractive. Don’t misunderstand me. I want our church to be enjoyable, but more than that I desire it (us) to be transformational.

Is the life that I am and you are going to live today going to look like Jesus? Will I be “good news” to someone today? Will my life be sacrificed for others or squandered on self? If we live enough days incarnationally over the next 15-20 years, the vision will be realized and the world will have been “Good Newsed” by us. That is my hope!

So, back to my prayer: Father, I ask that Jesus would permeate and saturate our hearts and lives. Take our offered and broken lives and do Your thing. Restore us. Restore our city through us. May we be “Good News” to those around us today. May the story of our lives over time be the Gospel.

Grace to you,

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