Thursday, February 22, 2007

Its not safe

It is nice and safe to be in an environment where keeping me happy & entertained is the priority. Where there is no controversy and everyone remains very cautious. Where there is no confrontation, no one challenging, no one calling for change or even sacrifice. This is the environment of the average American church.

The church was born into a world of suffering and evil and given a dangerous mission: To overcome evil; to fight injustice; to defend the cause of the oppressed; to enter into the suffering of this world and bring hope to the hopeless.

Jesus told Peter that the mission would be to charge the gates of hell, set free that which is bound and bind that which holds it. This is a dangerous mission. It is not safe to attack Satan’s territory. Jesus’ church is a dangerous church.

Taking on this mission leads to a disturbing discovery-there is a covert enemy behind all of the evil. This enemy often leaves well enough alone as long as no real threat is posed. He too is on a mission of stealing and killing and destroying. The church of the “weekend show” warrants little of his attention. It is not dangerous to the kingdom of darkness.

In its beginning (Acts), the church prayed for boldness, took risks, stood firm against evil religious & political systems and gave rise to an unselfish community with a consuming focus to put the Kingdom of God first. I do not believe that what they had in mind meant simply going to meetings-if that where true we would have never heard of them. The church today is fast becoming like going to a pep rally with no real game the next day. I am concerned we have lost sight of our mission.

Recently the question was posed to me, “If your church were to close its doors, would it matter to anyone besides those currently attending?” The question bothered me. Would the surrounding community even notice?

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