Monday, April 02, 2007

see a new world

Escape American Idolatry

Many do not have a sense of their worth. They make no real contribution. Our culture exalts the latest entertainer to the highest place and barely notices those in society who make real investments in the lives of others. Our young people grow up scripted in “American Idolatry” and thus blinded to a whole world of real contribution and significance.
I find it fascinating that God would create us in such a way that the only true path to greatness is found not with microphone in hand and camera in face, but in humble service to others. I am in awe of the wisdom of God who designs us in such a way that personal fulfillment cannot be achieved by selfish means. For those who have eyes to see, a whole new world of possibility opens up to them. Looking beyond self and into the need of another, they view what many cannot or will not see-a golden opportunity.
Once Jesus followers argued among themselves about who would become the greatest in His emerging new Kingdom. Jesus took a towel and, adorned like a slave, washed each one of their feet. Then He asked a question, “Do you know what I have done to you?” He told them that they did not get it then, but they certainly would later. He then said something that has been my meditation for the last several days, “Happy are you if you do it.”
Happy? Washing stinking feet? That status is reserved for slaves. Ah status-there it is, isn’t it? Our “American Idol”, image-driven, pleasure seeking culture does not even have eyes to see the real Jesus much less hear His upside down teaching on true greatness found in service. How will we look? Will we be recognized? No microphone? No cameras? Many will help others but only under certain terms- usually ones favorable or convenient to self.
Our world is miserable because we have lost our point of reference. Our compass does not point to true north. Jesus invites us to see a new world. Not a world viewed as full of problems, but with opportunities. A new world of real reward and fulfillment. This incredible world can only be viewed through the eyes of a Servant.

Come this weekend to New Community and see a new world.

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