Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dream Job!

Did you wake up and “have to” go to work this morning? Did you almost dread the thought of another 8-10 hours of your life spent doing something you don’t necessarily want to do at a place you may not really like?

In the new heaven and on the new earth people will finally be totally free to use their unique gifts and talents to honor God by endlessly building community and creating culture that glorifies God. Only then will we truly reflect His image and declare His goodness through untold diversities of gifts, talents and abilities that are in no way hindered by the curse. For thousands of years sin has thwarted the full expression of God glorifying work.

In heaven we will “get to” do work, not “have to”. In that time, we will know work to be an honor and a privilege instead of drudgery. Each new day will be an adventure as we “get to” do things as God’s servants that give full voice to what was always in our hearts but was suppressed by the curse of sin. Dancers dance like never before. Artists create like never before. Engineers design and build like no other time. Innovation and creativity will go to entirely new heights. Brokenness, sin, insecurity, and fear all gone.

With nothing to hold back expression, learning, development, and progress, resurrected people will be free to cooperate on projects and synergize to glorify God and create beauty at unprecedented levels. We can only imagine it now. The possibilities boggle the mind! What a day that will be! Luke 19 tells us that those who are faithful with the opportunities they have now, whatever they may be, will be rewarded and promoted in the next life. Finally, my dream job!

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