Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lemme Lemme upgrade Ja!

Upgrade your potential for Joy!

I don’t know about you but sometimes I can become negative, anxious, and even unbelieving in my thought life. I am learning that each thought I think goes directly into the formation of my character. What I think about others, myself, my future, everything all contributes to who I am becoming and where I will end up. I am seeking to take greater control of my thought life and thus change my capacity for Joy.

Today I was listening to a teaching on the “battlefield of the mind” and heard the speaker say that we have thought potential of Jesus. His discipline-His-focus-His influence-even His capacity for Joy flowed from His extremely Godly thought life. We are told in scripture I Cor. 2:16 that “we have the mind of Christ”. Then I was reading the book "The 4:8 Principle" and it said, "You can think God's thoughts". I wondered if God was trying to get me a message.

How much is it possible to think in harmony with Jesus? I know that God did not give me a literal brain transplant but really, How much of His thought life is available to me? Can I via the presence of His indwelling Spirit think “God’s thoughts”? If this is true(that I have His mind in me) then certainly I can upgrade my potential for Joy.

In the words of that famous theologian Beyonce, “Lemme Lemme upgrade Ja”

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