Monday, November 24, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

As we enter the Christmas story of Jesus this year, we will conspire together. We join forces to subvert the consumer empire and celebrate the birth of a King. I and the entire NCC staff would like to issue a challenge. The "not one penny challenge". Yes we would like to invite you to refuse to bow to Master card or Visa during this Christmas. Refuse to incur any credit card debt. Not one penny! It may be difficult for some but I believe that Jesus birthday is best celebrated by freedom and not bondage. Instead of spending more-give more. Give more presence instead of presents. Give yourself to those you love. Give time. Give encouragement. Give relational gifts. Give more-spend less. Love all!

More info on practical ways to do this coming...

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Anonymous said...

Guy and Cat are taking the challenge and finding it less stressful. No pressure to find a gift for people who don't NEED anything. And easier to think of meaningful gifts that include our presence instead of those presents that are just tossed to the side as our nephews yell "Next!"