Friday, May 19, 2006

Am I a crazy fool?

One time several years back, I was suddenly overcome with doubt. Thoughts that Christianity was not true began to overwhelm me and flood my mind. I began to doubt the Bible, the resurrection-even the existence of God. And this was while serving as a pastor! It was not until I realized the truth that my faith arises out of actual, verifiable history that my occasional doubt attacks were buried for good.

Do you ever wonder if all the Christian stuff is just made up? Do you ever wonder if you are a crazy fool believing a bunch of distorted stories and even outright lies? Do you have friends who do not believe in God? Do you long for some solid proof that can calm your occasional battles with doubt? Would you like to be able to have an intelligent discussion with others concerning the veracity of your faith?

If so, then this series is for you. “Seek the Truth” will help answer several serious questions that many have asked both inside and outside the walls of the Christian church.

Can we really trust what we have received from History?
Can I really know if the Bible is true?
Are women ultimately the enemy of faith?
Who was Jesus really and did He marry Mary Magdalene and have children?

Personally, I believe that most people have doubt from time to time. I also believe that God understands. John the Baptist experienced doubt about Jesus long after he made His bold public declaration that He was the Messiah-a confession that he was ultimately imprisoned and beheaded for. He even asked Jesus, “Are you sure you are the one we have waited for?” Jesus was not angry with him. In fact he presented him with factual, verifiable, historical evidence that He was who He claimed to be (God in the flesh!).

Doubt and uncertainty do not threaten real faith. In fact they strengthen it! Uncertainty causes me to reexamine, to reflect, to search for truth, for answers to my deep questions. If my search is genuine, then it will always lead me to the truth. I have found Jesus to be the truth.

His historical example is impeccable. His word to me has been transformational. The life He lived caused the people watching the clock to start time over. He must have been pretty amazing to them!

Join us as we “Seek the Truth” over the next few weeks @ New Community Church.

Don’t forget our 4 new service times:

Saturday @ Pecos location 6:00 PM
Sunday @ Green Valley 9:00 AM
Sunday @ Pecos 10:00 AM & 11:30 AM

See you this weekend and bring a friend!


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