Tuesday, May 23, 2006

outrageous odds

Suppose you had a friend that predicted the winning number of a state lottery. Odds are about one in 10,000,000. You may be extremely impressed but you wouldn’t claim he had “divine insight”. What if he did it a second time? Odds immediately jump to one in 100,000,000,000,000. Suddenly it would seem impossible without some trick or “supernatural information”. Imagine someone picking it three times(I don’t have room for the zeros). Such an “impossible” feat would likely end lotteries forever. The odds of this occurring are nil.

Miraculous insight in the Bible occurring by chance has a probability far more remote than winning dozens of lotteries. Only supernatural inspiration can account for the amazingly accurate predictions found in the Bible.

Did you know that the future is foretold with precision and accuracy many, many times in scripture? Hundreds and hundreds of prophecies are stated in the Bible with NO errors. All kinds of predictions made concerning people, places, and events. Irrefutable evidence exists that the prophecies could not have been contrived.

I want to invite you this weekend to come and hear the message “Can we trust the Bible”. Bring someone with you. I think you will enjoy the teaching and find great confidence in the reliability of our great #1 Best-seller of all time-The Bible.


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