Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Don't Break Mom's Heart"

Today I Buried my Grandmother. I am in Oklahoma City for two days grieving with family and celebrating a life well lived.

I have to be honest-I am a little overwhelmed by everything I have experienced today.

I found myself standing on a stage in a church that I attended as a little boy. I saw people I have not seen in years. I found myself surrounded by family that has been torn apart through painful divorce and petty differences since I was a child.

I was asked to speak in honor of my grandmother. I found that speaking about Grandma was easy. Her life truly was a story of Jesus’ strength in overcoming incredible odds and keeping faith through continual loss and heartache. Words flowed from my heart filled with positive memories of who she was and her steadfast love for Christ. That part was easy.

What was not so easy was to speak to all her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great great grandchildren. Grandma’s children had spread out across the country and many were not even on speaking terms any longer. I looked out and saw cousins that I joyfully played with as a child who had kids I did not even know existed. My heart began to break as I realized how Satan had ripped us all off of precious years of life together.

Grandma’s eyes had seen so much pain. An abusive marriage, a death of a second husband, divorce in children, wayward and wild grandchildren, etc…

Then I just did it. (I live in Vegas right? Why not just roll the dice?) I pushed my notes aside and spoke from my heart about how Grandma would wish for us something so different.

A mother’s heart for her children is to love one another. Mom’s want their kids to be loyal to each other and stick together throughout life. Life is hard and according to scripture a “brother is born for adversity” so when adversity comes and family falls apart a mom’s heart breaks.

My lesson today is this:

Life is going to hurt and all of us are going to make mistakes-especially with family. It is not right to break mom’s heart through leaving relationships unreconciled. Out of love for her we should seek to be there for her and each other throughout our lives.

Mother’s day is this Sunday. How is your relationship with Mom? How about your brothers and sisters? Cousins? Don’t let Satan steal from you and from your Mother the joy of a loving family. Love while you have time and forgive before it is too late.


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