Tuesday, July 01, 2008

faithful in prayer

Prayer can definitely be a challenge to stay faithful in. I know that I can experience challenges staying focused. Once again I return to love as the fuel. When you love someone you desire to communicate...to hear thier heart...to know what they want and do it. I almost always dial Michelle when I get in the car because I just want to talk to her. I love her.

So it is with prayer. Don't really need a reason other than I love God. I used to think I needed to pray a long time and it produced guilt during prayer rather tha joy. Now I just pray short prayers whenever about whatever. I also have alarms that go off on my phone to remind me at certain times to pray about certain things. I want to be faithful.
Please pray for our church to be faithful in prayer. We are pressing in more right now with special meetings on Wednesday night @ 6:30 as we fast and pray from dinner Tuesday until dinner Wednesday. Join us as we fast and pray for miracles!


Gary Herndon said...

Here are two things that have been helpful to me over the years.
First, "flash prayers." These are quick prayers while brushing your teeth, waiting for the microwave to heat a slice of pizza, at a stop light (of course, some intersections in Las Vegas, provide time for long prayers), or at other random moments. Just listen a moment for God to place a prayer on your heart, and then say a quick prayer. Just as you would say a quick thought to a friend standing near you.

Then there is the "breath prayer." This is a one, two, or three word prayer that expresses something from deep in your heart. Examples:
"Bless me, lord."
"Have mercy!"
"Bless that person!"
"Thank you!"
"You are worthy!"
"You're amazing!"
Just speaks words of love to your Lord. It will help you stay close to Him, and He will stay close to you. See James 4:8a

Sambi Katano said...

If I had one prayer for us, it would be... Father in heaven, help us to step out from the values of this world, adopt Your values, and help us to spread them throughout the earth.

Anonymous said...

This is an area that I have struggled with for years. Even though I talk to God through-out the day, the enemy is always trying to steal my joy by convincing me that I'm a terrible Christian, and unworthy of God's time because I have issues sitting down for long periods of time for prayer. It's always so encouraging to read that it's okay to have "flash prayers". My closest friends are always trying to remind me of that, but for some reason I still allow myself to buy into the lie that the enemy is constantly whispering in my ear.