Thursday, July 03, 2008

last night's prayer gathering

Last night a group (twice as many as last week) of hungry believers gathered at the church building for prayer. It was a great time! We fasted all day and came together to ask God for miracles on behalf of our church. We confessed our unbelief and asked for more faith. We worshipped and prayed for each other. We prayed specific prayers for big problems and asked for a response from God. We asked for specific miracles. Breast cancer, spinal abnormalities, financial mountains, depression, lupus, discouragement, deep wounds, restoration of vision, and more were our requests. I believe God has answered and is answering our prayers.

I believe that we made a significant "full step" forward in learning how to pray for supernatural power and miracles from God. Satan wants us to play it safe and accept things for the way they are. God wants us to "step" out on the dangerous waters and trust Him to show us how to walk on it. It is uncomfortable. It is challenging. It calls us to risk looking foolish. It demands audacious faith. It makes us come alive!

Last night I sensed a refreshing come over the people. We were close-close to each other and close to God. I sensed His pleasure. It felt good. I feel renewed. I look forward to more times of prayer like that!


Sambi Katano said...

Mighty, awesome, wonderful is the love of God. I went there expecting great things, and great things happened. Twice the people, twice the intensity, twice the prayers, and people uniting in prayer. Lots of breakthroughs, and plenty more on the way. God is good.

Tyler Byrd said...

"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10

Whether we have the faith to believe it or not God will be exalted. He will reveal his Glory amongst our passing and fleeting trials! I believe the Lord is calling our church to be still and listen for him in this Chaotic Mess! We walk by faith and not by sight so let us put one staggering foot ahead of the other and walk with our Lord and SAVIOR! Let us rest in the faith that brings peace, freedom, and hope! God is near and our brokenness will only draw us closer! I love each and everyone one of you and I hope that you are allowing God to renew your spirit daily. Look for his goodness in everything because he is good it's just a matter of recognizing him! He is present today! Do you see his Glory?

Katie said...

My prayer life for a long time has been too shallow. I am just like the man we talked about last night. I believe but help my unbelief. I don't want to pray audacious prayers because I don't want to be disappointed in God. Man that's awful. My trust issues are so deep that I am not even able to trust the one being who has never let me down. Lots to think about and understand about this relationship I have with God.

Amanda said...

Last night really hit home. "I know God CAN do these big things, but WILL He?" " my unbelief. Forgive me for my doutiness (is that a word?). Forgive me for my laziness when it comes to my prayer life." I see the same pattern in my relationship with others as I do with God. I lack the effort of time that I put into these relationships...and they suffer. "Father forgive me. Be my strength. Renew my spirit and my love for You, for you are the greatest of all, and you deserve so much more than I can offer, but I want to at least start giving You my very best."