Thursday, July 10, 2008

Protect Unity

I don't know who it will be today that I will need to be gentle and humble with but it will be someone. There is always someone. It is all too easy to be harsh or prideful when someone rubs the wrong way(by the way that someone could be me!). God says to use a soft overlook a make every effort to protect unity. To humble ourselves and consider others as better than ourselves. This is a Spirit-produced virtue. The flesh reacts opposite. The flesh and spirit are in opposition to each other and only the Holy Spirit can bring about true unity. I yeild today to God's Spirit. Help me to be completely humble and gentle and make every effort to protect the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.


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Dan said...

If we humble ourselves before the Lord in our waking thoughts every morning He equips us through the Holy Spirit for the quiet but bold steps we must make to get through our day. It's so much harder (but not impossible since we succumb to the flesh and ego when we drop our guard)to let selfish attitude and worldly distraction over take us if we've begun by dedicating our day to God's desires.