Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Nothing matters more than relationships. Nothing! One famous writer sought to convince us that no matter how much we accomplished in life-no matter how great it may be if we did not live a life of love it means nothing. In order to love I have to have the right attitude about relationships-about people in general. The greatest man who ever lived was once asked about life’s most important issue and he said that loving God and those around you was most important. Jesus was trying to show us that there really is no life apart from real, loving relationships. We can go places, have experiences, and do many, many things but there is no real joy apart from the warmth found in the exchange of love between people.

In fact, when your life is summed up, all that will count will be who did you love and who loved you. Your “greatness” will be measured by your choices to love. Did I give my heart? Did I truly care? Did I spend time? Did I use my resources and giftings to make life better for others? I truly believe that God’s ultimate evaluation of my life will be in my relationships with others whether they are close friends and family or total strangers. He created me to reflect His image and He is love.

People need love. It is the most basic of human necessities. Yes, even more than food. People die a worse death than mal nutrition when they are not loved. A slow painful death. Yet so few commit themselves to a life of love. The sacrifices that are needed to truly love take us beyond where we want to go. Sure there are a couple of people most of us are willing to do this with but what about Jesus? He said that if we only love those that love us then what reward do we have? He is once again trying to show us the real life. A life that highly prioritizes people and all the diverse relationships that God gives in life.

So, my attitude about relationships in critical. How do I view people? Are they a bother? A hassle? Not safe? Or are they a most precious gift and opportunity that God has given to me for growth, joy, and a whole wealth of life experiences? This is the question I am asking myself these days. What is my attitude toward relationships?


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