Monday, February 06, 2006

enjoying food

"When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart's delight...." Jer. 15:16

How about some joy for your heart today? Is your heart filled with God’s life today?

Today is a great day to take a fresh look at your spiritual nutrition. Have you read some of the Bible? Maybe you could read John’s Gospel-I am reading that right now. Just a few verses each day can often be enough. Just read until something sticks out to you and then ask God about that. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Believe that He will. Be focused about this. He will reward you if you search for Him. He has promised to do so.

"...Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that there is a God and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him." Heb. 11:6

How about a great book? There are so many to read that will inspire you and encourage you in your faith. Those who take time to read are among the healthiest people I know. I am reading "Just like Jesus" by Max Lucado right now. I am also reading another book called "The Challenge of Jesus" by N.T. Wright. I’m reading others as well but that is my job, right? I don’t expect others to read as much as me. Great books written by others who love God can be a tremendous source of insight. I have found them to be critical in my development as a person.

I also purchased a set of Bible CDs. I listen to them while I get bathed and shave in the mornings. It makes a tremendous difference in my life. God often speaks to me through those CDs.

Good Christian music is in abundance these days. Listening to it can do a great deal for your heart’s growth and love relationship with God.

Of course, coming to weekend services to worship God and hear a message from the Bible is a necessary part of a healthy diet. Each week we work hard to prepare a nutritous meal for all.

One more thing that you can do to supplement your diet is attend a life group with other believers. Hearing the way that God has spoken to others is a great teacher in my life. I love my group. Last week we talked about hypocrisy and being real, and it was so powerful as we opened up to one another and shared our stories. I view being in these groups as vital to my growth and development as a follower of Christ. Let me say again, I believe it is imperative that we make ourselves available to these groups if we wish to grow and become like Christ. I encourage you not to neglect this aspect of healthy nutrition for your life. You can go to our web-site at and click on our life-groups button to see a list of available groups.

Remember, you are what you eat. Are you getting proper nutrition? Experiencing the life that God has for you depends on it. You can be filled with God’s life as you open yourself to these sources available to you. And you can enjoy this food as much as you want. It’s good for you! Jesus is the bread that God gives. Ask for Him today.

"People need more than bread for their life; they must feed on every word of God." Matt. 4:4

Enjoy your food today!

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