Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lies-staff member comment

Michelle Wilson serves on our staff as financial administrator she writes concerning our final Hostage message:

The enemy lies a great deal. He has tried to lie to me my entire life as I'm sure he does to everyone. I know it's important to combat those lies with God's truth in His Word. But sometimes when the lie is staring you in the face it's difficult to recall those truths at a moment's notice when you need them the most. So I began keeping a journal of the lies the enemy tells me and at the moment he tells me that lie. I will write it down and right next to the lie, I will put God's truth and reference scriptures. This way, when the lie comes back I can refer to my journal and instantly know where I can go to find the truth. Meditate on that truth. Memorize the truth. And give the lie to God. It's been helping this week. The enemy is not very creative, i've found. He keeps coming up with the same lies. But God never changes, and His Word stays the same and His promises are forever. I can rely on the truth of His Word. I can count on it more than anything else in life. And with prayer and meditation, God will free us from those lies.

In His Arms,
Michelle W

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